HOBART offers new models of the ecomax entry-level brand

Offenburg – Warewashing equipment at an affordable price ‒ without compromising on reliability, robustness, and operating convenience. In this framework, the warewashing equipment manufacturer HOBART further optimised the models of their entry-level product line ecomax by HOBART. The new dishwashers, which offer dealers, restaurateurs, hotel managers and communal caterers a low-priced supplement or alternative to HOBART's premium solutions, are available at the dealers' now. Also in its budget machine range, the world leader in the commercial warewashing market guarantees perfect hygiene that you can rely on.

The new range of ecomax warewashing products comprises the hood-type dishwasher H604, which convinces with its water consumption of only 2.3 litres per rack and correspondingly lower operating costs. Furthermore, the machine now has a new integrated control which gives users the possibility to select between three programme runtimes (75/150/180 seconds) and thus to react flexibly to their current dishwashing requirements.

The improved glasswasher ecomax plus G415 and the dishwasher F515 now likewise need less water: The per-rack consumption of the G415 has been reduced from 2.5 litres to now only 2.0 litres. Also for the F515, the world market leader for commercial warewashing managed to reduce the water consumption from 2.8 litres to now 2.3 litres per wash cycle. Analogue to the hood-type dishwashers, the two new undercounter dishwashers now feature an additional programme so that the user can select between washing durations of 60, 120, and 180 seconds. The machines have been equipped with a new electronic control with digital temperature indication for improved ease of operation and user convenience.