A good machine is replaced by a better one – the new ecomax machines G404 & F504

Our effort for constant further development resulted in the new glasswashers and dishwashers of the ecomax series by HOBART.

effort for constant further development resulted in the new glasswashers and dishwashers of the ecomax series by HOBART. Lower water consumption, easier operation, and less entry of dirt thanks to a tank strainer are only some of the numerous benefits which you will find in the new ecomax models scheduled to be launched on 01 of July.

"Better is the enemy of good" - this motto is also true for the dishwashing solutions by HOBART, the Offenburg-based innovation leader. The product development engineers are in close contact with our customers to learn about the changing requirements and increasing expectations, and to turn these into practicable concepts for professional applications. This is also true for the entry-level line ecomax by HOBART.

New from July 2017

Some new examples from the field of undercounter machines are the ecomax G404, a compact glasswasher which replaces the ecomax 402, and the powerful dishwasher ecomax F504, the follow-up model of the ecomax 502. Both offer excellent wash results at all times. But this is not all.

Easier to operate

Now equipped with an electronic control with digital temperature indication, the glasswasher G404 and the dishwasher F504 provide even greater user convenience. Another benefit is the improved sealing in the top area of the door. It reduces the amount of escaping steam, which makes unloading the dishwasher more agreeable.

Simply hygienic

Corners can be a real challenge when it comes to ensuring top hygiene. For this reason, the new ecomax undercounter machines have a deep-drawn rack track and rounded corners in the interior. This significantly simplifies cleaning and handling of the machine.

Simply ecological

Also the ecomax models impress with their reduced consumption. ecomax G404 and ecomax F504 use 20 % less water than their predecessors. This means that they only need 2 respectively 2.3 litres of water within one wash cycle. This is made possible for example by the improved tank strainer in the dishwasher which reduces the level of soiling.

Simply variable

Whether saucer or pizza plate, latte macchiato or wheat beer glass: every day, a restaurant kitchen has to deal with wash ware of different heights. In consideration of this fact, the loading capacity has been increased to now 360 instead of 308 mm, which makes the machines much easier to use.

Installation- and service-friendly

Because HOBART has the customers' long-term operating costs in view, the new models have an integrated cycle counter which helps you for example to monitor the water treatment unit. The USB connection provided as a standard furthermore simplifies analysis by service companies.