ecomax plus: The economical dishwasher range with added features and ease of operation


Ecomax is known as a well-established entry-level brand for commercial dishwashers by HOBART. In September 2015, the manufacturer launched the product range ecomax plus, tailored to customers who opt not only for low investment costs but also for added performance, ease of operation, and enhanced technical features. This product series is manufactured entirely in Germany. It comprises the models G403, a professional glasswasher, and the F503, a dishwasher for hygienically clean wash ware.

Caterers, bakers or coffee shop owners who want to watch their budget but still wish to benefit from quality "Made in Germany" now have the chance to go for added efficiency, silent operation, and ultimate user-friendliness. For these customers, the unique new ecomax plus range has been developed by HOBART, the manufacturer known for extensive expertise in commercial dishwashing.

Glasswasher ecomax plus G403 and
dishwasher ecomax plus F503

These machines not only wash several hundred sets of dishes and glasses per day; the compact machines capable of undercounter installation will also run practically unnoticed by the guests. This is because the double-walled housing and the heat insulated door keep noise and steam to a minimum. At the same time, the two ecomax plus solutions have all the potential to become the favourite of service personnel and owners. With their deep-drawn wash tank, they are easy to clean, and a number of technical components ensure a long service life.

Last but not least, they offer technological improvements for good energy efficiency and low water consumption.