New ecomax plus hood-type dishwasher available

The new ecomax plus H615 hood-type dishwasher is available now. It offers a new operation panel, placed on top of the hood.

The affordable quality brand ecomax by HOBART offers a new hood-type dishwasher, starting from March 15. The ecomax plus H615 is equipped with a new operation panel on the top front of the hood, which makes the handling more ergonomically. It is very easy to start the machine with the new single button control. Operator can see at what point of the wash cycle it currently is – even from a distance.

Furthermore, the ecomax plus H615 offers lower water consumption in the rinse cycle: it uses only 2.2 litres of fresh water per rack. The new hygiene program cleans the machine from bacteria and deposits like limescale and works with practical tabs.

The machine indicates when a deep cleaning is necessary. Standard features like the all-enclosing hood for efficient energy management are features of this model. The hood not only offers noise reduction, but keeps most of the steam and energy inside the system, saving up to 3 kW. Other benefits are less humidity in the kitchen area and better hygienic conditions.

About ecomax by HOBART
The brand ecomax by HOBART offers warewashing equipment at an affordable price ‒ without compromising on reliability, robustness, and operating convenience. Ecomax is an alternative to HOBART's premium solutions. Four undercounter, two hood-type dishwashers and one untensilwasher are currently available. All models are built in Offenburg, Germany.