Reverse osmosis RO-S


  • The raw mains water enters enclosed system and is forced at high pressure through a special extremely fine membrane
  • Salts and minerals are thereby completely removed from the water. The downstream dishwasher is thus supplied by perfectly clean water
  • The integrated carbon filter remove rough particles to protect the membrane
  • Easy access to the membrane and pre-filter
  • The power supply is provided by a 230V plug


  • Minimum space requirement: Vertical and horizontal installation next to the dishwasher
  • Continuous treatment system providing demineralised water for top-quality wash results
  • Prevents salt and limescale stains on dishes, glasses and cutlery
  • Protects machine against limescale deposits
  • Optimises the effectiveness of detergents
  • Minimum operating costs at highest capacity
  • Bypass function: washing operation of the dishwasher is always guaranteed
  • Easy to operate with integrated display
  • Fast an easy removal of the pre-filter


Reverse osmosis hydroline
Order no. RO-S
Small free standing reverse osmosis

Technical data

Power supply 230 / 50 / 1
Weight (gross / net) 20 kg
Maximum hardness 35 °dH*
Max. conductivity supply water 1,200 μS/cm
Supply capacity continuously / maximum 2 l/min

Accessories for this product

Installation kit for reverse osmosis RO-S
Order no. 01-539385-001
Installation kit including: back flow prevention for drain connection according EN 1717, dirt collector, syphon, connection pieces and fixing materials
Carbon pre-filter cartridge for reverse osmosis RO-S
Order no. 01-294225-101
Carbon pre-filter cartridge for regularly exchange Capacity: 14,000 litre / 6 month
25 litre buffer tank
Order no. 01-294217-001
25 litre buffer tank to increase the capacity and to achieve a more even level of purification, necessary for machines without rinse pressure pump, requires additional supply hose DN15 (e.g. IS1), fixation to wall or floor, diameter ~245 mm, length ~475 mm, incl. T-connection piece

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