Shipping Information

ecomax by HOBART Dimensions in cm* W x D x H Weight in kg*
G404 76 x 52 x 84 49
G403 76 x 70 x 91 64
F504 76 x 70 x 96 64
F503 76 x 70 x 98 76
602 75 x 85 x 165 121
702 97 x 104 x 210 230


Transport regulations for HYLINE chemical products

Delivery terms: ex work Offenburg

Ordering of mixed pallets is possible. For order quantities of less than 1 pallet (which is 60 x 12 kg canisters or 36 x 24 kg canisters) collection by the customer only.
Minimum order amount of 24 kg canisters = 4.

Transport regulations:
On the road: ADR regulations are effective = European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road. Forwarder has to fulfill all transport regulations according to ADR.

Sea-freight: IMO regulations -> 100 Euro additional costs for IMO declaration
Air-freight: IATA regulations -> 150 Euro additional costs for IATA declaration

For further information please get back to your HOBART contact person.

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