With a high capacity of up to 60 racks per hour, this dishwasher is a reliable partner for club houses, bistros, and fast-food restaurants. The practical floor unit fits under every work counter.


  • Electronic control with digital temperature indication
  • Flat surface of control panel
  • 2 selectable wash cycles
  • Rotating top and bottom wash system to distribute the wash water evenly over the dishes
  • Indented nozzles prevent blocking
  • Thermostop-function for guaranteed rinse temperatures
  • Integrated self-cleaning cycle
  • Removal of rinse arms without any tools
  • Easy access to all parts
  • Deep drawn rack track
  • Double-walled insulated front door
  • Tank strainer reduces soiling of the tank water
  • Integrated cycle counting, e.g. for control of water treatment system
  • USB connect for easier service access


Standard equipment

  • Plate rack P-18-12
  • Cutlery basket CB1
  • Rinse aid dispenser
  • Rinse pressure pump for optimum flow pressure
  • Heater with thermostat control
  • Electric cable, flexible water supply hose and drain hose
  • Rear panelling

The installation of machines with integrated water softener requires a back flow safety device (at site) according to DVGW-DIN 1988.
Line pressure required: 0.8 to 6 bar


Order no. ECO-F504-10B
Basic model
Order no. ECO-F504S-10B
incl. softener
Order no. ECO-F504-12B
incl. detergent dispenser and drain pump
Order no. ECO-F504S-12B
incl. softener, detergent dispenser and drain pump
Order no. ECO-F504-32B
basic model without: rinse aid dispenser and rinse pressure pump with 230/60/1

Technical data

Cycle times* 60 / 150 sec.
Capacity per hour* up to 60 racks
Wash / rinse temperature approx. 60 °C / approx. 82 °C
Tank capacity 25 l
Fresh water consumption / cycle 2.3 l
Wash pump 0.34 kW
Heating booster / tank 5.6 (1.9**) kW / 1.8 kW
Total loading 5.9 (2.2**) kW
Rated voltage 400 / 50 / 3N (230 / 50 / 1)
Width / Depth / Height 576 / 604 / 820 mm
Loading height 360 mm
Rack size 500 x 500 mm

*hot water connection
**with 230/50/1
60 Hz versions are available for an extra charge (min. lot size of 5 machines).

Accessories for this product

Detergent dispenser (retrofit kit)
Order no. 04-005259-001
Drain pump (retrofit kit)
Order no. 04-005257-001
Drain pump for softener models (retrofit kit)
Order no. 04-005258-001
Glass rack - max. ø 98 mm
Order no. 303171
500 x 500 mm, steel wire, plastic coated, with 4 sloped rows for max. ø 98 mm
Cutlery box
Order no. CB1
90 x 90 mm, plastic, loose, for appr. 20 pieces of cutlery
Cutlery rack - 230 x 230 mm
Order no. 01-246175-1
230 x 230 mm, plastic, with 4 compartments, for appr. 80 pieces of cutlery (4 x 20)
Cutlery rack - 500 x 500 mm
Order no. C-01-07
500 x 500 mm for cutlery in horizontal position narrow mesh bottom, also usable as universal rack
Universal flat rack - height 7 cm
Order no. B-00-07
with wide mesh bottom (for example for cutlery baskets for cutlery in upright position) height 7 cm
Universal flat rack - height 11 cm
Order no. B-00-11
with wide mesh bottom (for example for cutlery baskets for cutlery in upright position) height 11 cm
Universal flat rack - height 16 cm
Order no. B-00-16
with wide mesh bottom (for example for cutlery baskets for cutlery in upright position) height 16 cm
Plate rack
Order no. P-18-12
9 spaces, full peg, for 18 flat or 12 deep plates up to 260 mm diam. or 9 trays up to 470 mm
Cup insert
Order no. 694497
for sloped position, steel wire, plastic coated, for universal flat rack
Drain pump
Order no. 04-006535-001
drain pump (retrofit kit) for 60 Hz

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