• A good machine is replaced by a better one – the new ecomax machines G404 & F504

    Our effort for constant further development resulted in the new glasswashers and dishwashers of the ecomax series by HOBART. Lower water consumption, easier operation, and less entry of dirt thanks to a tank strainer are only some of the numerous benefits which you will find in the new ecomax models scheduled to be launched on 01 of July.

  • ecomax plus: The economical dishwasher range with added features and ease of operation

    In September 2015, the manufacturer launched the product range ecomax plus, tailored to customers who opt not only for low investment costs but also for added performance, ease of operation, and enhanced technical features. This product series is manufactured entirely in Germany. It comprises the models G 403, a professional glasswasher, and the F 503, a dishwasher for hygienically clean wash ware.